just a few sketchbook shots, I really dig owls, if you couldn't tell

Have Ewe Any Wool?

Much apologies for lack of posts lately, been super busy. Finally finished with my first year at Ringling. This was my final illustration for Intro (previously posted value sketch). Best in the class. Enjoy!

I'll be making up for lack of posts with loads of new art, and new posts contantly.
Stay tuned.


righteous sketchbook action

Today was pretty amazing, if I do say so. Had my second to last into to ill class with golden-boy Brandes, then had some gnarly sketchbook-age and a great cup of tea at Pastry Art downtown Srq, then went to the Senior Illustration Exhibition on campus. SO RAD! I collected so many postcards and business cards, and salivated over all the work. I cant wait to be there one day, i will be there one day. So all in all, a very inspiring and creative day.

Sketch above is a little ditty of my roommate Alex Shear

Till next time....



Had my last figure class of my Freshman year today, sad to see it go, but am looking forward to what next year has in store for me. These are two portraits from earlier in the semester of Carl. enjoy


sketchbook part deux

a little zombie action for you. The zombie duel is a rough sketch for a soon-to-be painting, just for fun.
sorry the pictures are terrible

sketchbook madness

brandes's scooter

mama spencer

'nuff said

doodly-doo doo

buggie wuggs

been super busy, so here's a little sketchbook love for you guys.


have you any wool?

Latest and greatest illustration. Based on Baba Black Sheep. Tight sketch stage, next we paint. Pardon the terribly uneven lighting.


just a still life

that is all

the teeny tiny woman

with giant orbs in the basement. One of my first illustrations at Ringling. Graphite


Best of CORE 2008

In observational color we did a colored light assignment, learning about the way adding colored light affects the surface areas of any subject/object. Pretty groovy stuff. These two little ditties got into the Best of CORE 2008, showcasing the best works from the freshman (2011) class.


Gnarly Sketchbook Action

Here's a few shots of me and my little cousin Evan. He's going to be an artist someday, and go to Ringling, just like me (we talked, he's got plans). Enjoy! Photos courtesy Arwen Saxon



are rad. I've got a couple others in the works. This one is from Observational Color this semester, with good ole' Schwartz.


A few paintings...

From first semester. The owls are acrylic, the self portrait is oils, and theres a picture of me on Halloween working on the owls on my sister's porch.


Fun with Printmaking!

So here's some work from first semester, Printmaking 1 with Farber. We started with monotypes and monoprints, then moved to etchings, then woodblock/lino cuts. Enjoy! (by the way, over the next fews days, I'll be making tons of posts to catch you guys up on all that I've been doing)

Post Script:// sorry the photos are kind of crappy, I took them in a hurry, and had horrible lighting, i need some photo friends, haha.


A New Beginning

Well here goes nothing. Seeing as how this is my very first blog and my very first posting, why not get all the old stuff out of the way, to make room for the new.
All work is from my high school concentration. New work coming soon.