Everyone loves a little T & A...

This is a sneak peek of my latest Graphic Design project...

T & A (Trull and Associates) Custom Drums, "Show us your wood".
Run by Dave Trull and his two sons, Chris and Eric, through the mother company,
The Trull Gallery

Each drum is handcrafted and painted with the company logo
This is the Stave Series, featuring 13" x 7" snare, Maple and Oak.

I've still got a few finishing details to add to the drum itself, as well as designing a pair of drumsticks, packaging, and advertising poster, so stay tuned for some more visual goodies...


BY THE WAYYY... you see that lovely piece down there of the Grouper with a Pirate ship on its back? Well I was fortunate enough to have it accepted into the Society of Illustrators! Its simply the greatest honor and achievement thus far in my illustration career (next to getting into Best of Ringling.) But my work will be published in the Illustration annual, for all to see.

I want to say a quick thanks to all of my friends and family who have provided me with endless love and support through all my trials and tribulations, I love you all so very much!

Society of Illustrators

Until next time...