What I've been up to lately

So, I'm sure you all hate me know, cause I havent posted in AGES. So much has been happening I dont know where to begin, but I PROMISE there is a major post coming with lots of new pictures and anecdotes to tell the kids.

But in the meantime, here are some Tarot cards I made this week. A teacher from the Aalcto University in Helsinki, Finland (MY PEOPLE), Tarja Nieminen, came to Sint Lucas for workshop week. Our task was to make a card game, or use cards as a vehicle to express the concept of family (in the broadest sense of the word.)

These cards also tie in with my extensive semester-long project of Evolution. All of the suits and Major cards will reflect ideals and aspects of evolutionary design. From the mental, emotional, and spiritual evolution that everyone and everything goes through; to aspects of nature that are the epitome of perfection, by way of evolutionary design.
So here you have it, the first 10 cards of two suits

Intellect (i.e. Swords/Spades) represented by feathers and wings
Intuition (i.e. Cups/Hearts) represented by fish and fish scales.

I pulled a double all-nighter for these, so I hope you dig them
All digital collage work


Sketchbook Dump

Howdy all!
Today marks my first month complete in Belgium. So much has gone on, I can hardly recap everything, so instead, I offer up the first installment of Belgian art for you; these are some recent sketches.



New Flyer

Once again, ladies and gents;
A new flyer for those good 'ole boys from Shadows of the Statue
Should be a fantastic show, I'm sorry I'll be missing it
But then again.. I am in Belgium!

More work to come....