Graphic Design Tasties

This is a poster for a hypothetical show at the MOMA, entitled "The Visual Voice - Masters of Poster Design" Its completely designed out of text.


So, I've been in L.A. for the past 5 days, and its been pretty amazing. Seen some art, and been incredibly inspired; so stay tuned for some sketchbook goodies as well as tons of pictures, from our swanky hotel, to canyons, downtown dirties, and tar pit fossils.

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Long Summer Days

Hi all,

Summer is doing wonders to soothe these old bones... but its high time I get my nose to the grindstone and get back to work. Here's some work from my Figure II class this past semester.

Stay tuned for more posts, new work, and exciting new adventures!
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A healthy heaping portion

Of a little Graphic Design for you guys! School is finally out for summer, but I dont plan on slowing down the pace much. I'm anxious to finally be free of academia and pusuing work of personal interest, as well as hopefully making some money with freelancing jobs. (If you're interested, I'm seeking!)

Here's my final for Intro to Graphic Design. The project was to make or renovate an existing magazine. I'm sure we all know of the terrible graphics on tattoo magazines, always so visually cluttering, articles holding no interest, and most of all people with really terrible work, just lots and lots of it. I wanted to make a magazine that was host to the "Fine Art of Tattooing", as it were. Showcasing professional artist that tattoo, tattoo artists that paint, excellent work in which the artist was given freedom to do what they do best. Articles about tattoo culture. But most of all, to give this slick a clean, almost fashion mag-eqsue feel. So hope you enjoy, never hesitate to leave a comment or some feedback!

The cover shot of Yours Truly was shot by a dear from William Everett Photography, as was the first Table of Contents Image
The second picture on T.O.C. is my dear dear friend and sibling, Miss Marlee and her lovely little boy Joel Higgins
The third image was taken by me, as is of my sister Carla's back, done by our fabulous tattoo artist, Andrea Buley. The last picture is of my back and was taken in my bathroom by Marlee.
The Artist profile page, and I hope she doesn't mind too much, were all ripped from my friend Sam Mancino, who is an amazing artist and an amazing tattoo artist, and I felt very deserving of being hosted in a tattoo magazine, though hypothetical this one may be....
And lastly, the image for the full page spread is once again Miss Marlee and Joel and photographed by myself.

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