Antwerpen, Belguim

A huge opportunity has presented itself
; As some of you Ringling kids know, last year the Sint Lucas School in Antwerp, Belgium and Ringling College of Art and Design performed the very first exchange program, swapping teachers for 3 weeks, sending my painting teacher Ms. Robin Cody over to Europe and giving us an opportunity to study with a Belgium teacher, Tilda Van Utvin. It was an incredible experience, giving a slight taste of cultural diversity.

WELL... to make a rather long story short, this year Ringling and Sint Lucas have decided to open up the exchange to students, swapping two students from each school for the Spring 2010 semester. Submitting portfolios and going through the interview process, I was fortunate enough to be "the chosen one" from the Illustration Dept, making me one of the first students in Ringling history to travel to Belgium, acting as an Ambassador for the school, as well as the U.S.

Meaning, that this will be my new home for the next 5 months (starting in January). This is a huge opportunity and I am excited beyond all good sense! So expect lots of updates as this semester closes and new horizons appear on the other side of the world, for Yours Truly.

(Now here's the catch... its gonna cost ALOT of money to get over there, and unfortunately, since the program started on such a short notice, there hasn't been any funds allocated to the program, so my tuition to Ringling will cover those of Sint Lucas, however I will have to pay my way there, rent for those 5 months as well as food, supplies and stocking up on warm clothing, apparently its rather chilly, especially for my thin, Floridian blood!)
So with all that being said, I will GLADLY take donations, sell work, take on commissions and tattoo, anything to save up enough to go! Any takers?

I will continually update on my ventures, giving you guys information about the school, city, and the work I'm producing... so STAY TUNEDDD

side note: NONE of these photos are mine, just ripped from Google Images, so thanks to whoever for the photos, all the copyrights still belong to you, i was just borrowing them for a second!


Some value/color studies for my next illustration, done digitally! The Finals will be acrylic, however.

Stay tuned, I've got a big big announcement to make!
Until then...


I should really be more on top of this...

I know, I know, I'm slacking, but its been busy busy times. Big things are happening for this small potato, so stay tuned for some ink-age, new ills, studies and finals... as well as some big announcements!

But now you know, I'm still alive, still kicking, still being the little overachiever that I am...
So in the mean time, feast your eyes on these little ditties, and keep in touch!