I inked...

I was all set with my ink cup all filled, #5 Round Liner in place, foot pedal below me, all the disinfectants and sterilized products i could need, and lo-and-behold, I gave myself my first tattoo. 15 minutes later, a few wonky little stars were permanently imbedded in my skin; HOORAY!

Just something small to start out with, get a feel for the real deal... Not to bad eh?
Plenty, plenty more to come...



So I've been all giddy with Graphic Design lately, so here's a little tasty for you all.
The band is Shadows of the Statue, and they are pretty effing metal. Their myspace kind of looks, well, not so much, but hey I know nothing of HTML, I designed a background for it, and know how I want the layout done, I just need someone to do it. (So if you're out there, hit me up! We could use the help, and will compensate for your troubles!)

So that's about it for now, I've been working on some paintings, but nothing I'm ready to release to the world wide web. But nevertheless, stay tuned... I feel an epic post coming up in the near future!

Until next time...


Its been a time or two...

So here is a little post for you guys. Its summertime, so I've been taking it as an opportunity to recuperate a bit from school. Ive done some work here and there, but for the most part just taking it easy.

We've lost a close friend of the family, Billy Mays Jr. As some of you guys may know, the hit Discovery show Pitchmen is filmed right here in Tampa; my sister and cousin, and frankly, most of my family has worked for Sullivan Productions in some way or another.In fact, my artwork has been hanging in the office for this whole season of the show. All this meaning that we have all, at some point, have had a run in with the famed Mr. Mays and the rest of the crew. My thoughts are with his family and close loved-ones. It was so sudden and abrupt, a deeply sad moment for everyone nation-wide. He will always be remembered as a beacon of hope and a smiling face that could brighten anyone's late-night hours. He will be greatly missed.

On a lighter note, I recently got an amazing pro quality tattoo kit, so stay tuned for some mad crazy ink-age!

And here's a piece of graphic design for your optical nerves to salivate over; Enjoy!