Last Figure class in Belgium

My Belgium experience has come and gone.
I am now back in Florida, and enjoying every moment of being with friend and family, and getting back "normal"... whatever that really is...

Here are some last moments in my Figure class at Sint Lucas, with Inge Vandacasteele
I've got ALOT more updates where this came from so STAY TUNEDDDDD


I hate being hungry in the middle of the night...

Just cause I'm in Portugal, doesn't mean I will neglect my adoring fans (all 4 of you out there in the universe)

Here are a few landscapes from a week or so ago back in Antwerp
I am hoping to get some drawing down while here in Porto, but my main focus is finishing my last 22 (now 21) cards left, so satisfy my Evaluation, which is in less than two weeks...
But, if the hands be willing, I must obey

For now,


So much to do, so little time

Hey all,
Some new cards to indulge your ocular nerves
I've still got so much work, and so much work to show you all
But as I've said before, time keeps running out, and it seems as though my work keeps on mounting, but it keeps me busy and out of trouble, so despite the stress I am (and have) enjoyed myself immensely.
I leave for Portugal tomorrow for a week, then I come back, have a few days, then my evaluation and then Homeward Bound...

Suit of Tempus (i.e. pentacles/diamonds)
Good ole' Indie Jones been a good inspiration for these cards
lemmie know what you think!

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