IDOL WORSHIP - 2011 RCAD Senior Thesis Exhibition

 Hope you enjoy!
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   - Laura


Tattoo process

So, I may not have photos of all my finished pieces, but I did save some of the stencils!
the pin up was a rib piece, Alan-a-Dale the start of a sleeve

mumm-ra (forearm), Apple 1984 (back of arm) Moose (calf), Crying Carrot (forearm)


chest piece


Lost and Found

Found some Belgium drawings in a sketchbook, thought I'd share.
They are on the backs of tea bag wrappers


Skateboards? Greatboards!

Hey all,

A somewhat sneak peak on a few skateboard designs in the works!
Each line drawing is to actual size (approx 32" x 8")

All based on the highly revered Ancient Egyptian mummification process, both spiritually and literally
reflecting the reverence, worship, and adorations skaters have towards their boards

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Hope you enjoy!


two thousand eleven

Merry Xmas, Happy New Year, etc etc
For this year's gift-giving, I opted to make my loved ones business cards!
Here is just a few of the designs

Hope you enjoy!

Until Next Time...