Week #2 complete

Sint Lucas
more Sint Lucas
Figure class with Inge Vandecasteele
the "chosen ones"
A few of my pieces up on the wall
(3 minute gestures)
another 3 minute gesture (mascara)
a really beautiful tree
Hey everyone,
SO much has happened since I last updated, its hard for me to recap everything; so heres some pictures. And, as always there are plenty PLENTY more to come


new AND improved

Without the Shadows of the Statue logo,
Here is the finished design of "Tezcatlipoca" - The Smoking Mirror
I submitted it (among other things) To the Society of Illustrators.


Day 5, 6, 7, 9

And on the 8th day, she rested...
But alas, no rest of the wicked
More pictures, and hopefully some art soon
I need to improve my lighting situation first...
Waiting outside class for Digital Ill to start
Inside Centraal Station (epic)

View from inside the Zoo (looking at Centraal Station)
Grote MarktDown Willem Lepel Straat
Koninklijk Museum Voor Schone Kunsten



Day 4 - Sensory Overload

Frank follows meSunday morning market (mostly clothes, art and handicrafts)Engulfed by graffiti; a whole courtyard where all the walls were filledNarrow streetsA movie theatreThe Schelde Riverjust a castle...hardly any snow leftBoats for Alexmmm tattoo shopShredding a mean accordion soloMary of the Vines?Crossroads CafeStreet jammin'Yet more graffitiCondom ad, oolalaA shop window in passingFor Dad (and a little self portrait in there too)No parking Yes, I am keeping warm.

So a picture overload for all you guys; don't expect it all the time though, haha. Today was a day of wandering. I set out on my own to explore the city. No map to guide my way; I merely took pictures and walked until I stumbled back to my front porch. It was really wonderful to be on my own, going where I wanted to and soaking everything up. Tomorrow is my first day of classes. Digital Illustration with Lode Coen. We are doing some brainstorming and mind mapping to get the ball rolling on our Evolution dossier. I'm very excited!