Everything is winding down

Its hard to believe I've been in Belgium this long. Its spring time, the weather is great. Everyone is out in the streets, smoking cigarettes, drinking beer and looking cool on cafe terraces.
3 more weeks and I'll be home.. anxious yet bummed that I have to leave so soon.
In this 3 weeks there will be:
  • epic blog updates
  • Portugal, the country.
  • quick errand in Amsterdam
  • James Ensor
  • fresh INK
  • eating, breathing, sleeping Tarot Cards (26 more to go)
  • making a booklet sample for said cards
  • beer to bring home, as well as chocolate and other goodies
  • Anthropology
  • feeling every last moment
but for now,
(since you all miss me so much)
3 self portraits to tide you over for the next 3 weeks,
Do work, son