New Cards

New cards designs.
This is the Suit of Skills (Wands; Clubs) representing the element of Fire, its all about creativity, passion, craftsmanship, etc. A true "artists" suit, if you will. So I decided on antlers, horns and bones to convey this idea of passion, vitality, woodsiness.

I also changed the font to a crisp, clear Helvetica (its funny cause I wrote that in Arial) derivative, and adjusted the backgrounds to give the image better clarity and readability. More sophisticated, clean design is what I am aiming for, paired with vintage and a surrealism.

So, enjoy! I have an insane mountain of work to do, so maybe I'll make more frequent updates, being that I'll be staring at a computer screen for the next month, solid. Only 51 more cards to go... and a booklet with 81 small illustrations, and correlating text...
But I think Ringling's boot camp-like approach to Illustration has given me a strong work ethic that can save me in the trenches every time. And besides, AMERICA ALWAYS WINS. I gotta follow through, it is, but my destiny...

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