Livin' it up!

Graphite and Colored Pencil
Figure Modeling w/ Eva Cardon

Verbonstraat (in progress)

Antwerp in the evening
Ink and Tea
Ob. Draw w/ Sebastiaan V.

my midterm presentation
(L-R: artist statement and calendar packets, prototype tarot cards [heavy cardstock, full color, repro size], Laptop w/ slideshow of inspiration and references, notes, samples of my figure and observational drawings, sketchbooks, deck of cards [Phantasmagoric Tarot] as example)
I even dressed all lady like and professional, hard to believe I know..

Midterm Evaluation group discussion (translated to me by the lovely Mauranne [left]) with guest artist/evaluators, Serge Baeken and Josy Heirwegh
Each student had roughly 10 minutes to clearly express and pitch, so to speak, our progress on our Evolutie project. All of my teachers were present as well to give me feedback not only on my cards but my drawings and sketchbooks. It was a really great opportunity for practicing some professional skills, and really makes one think about what is being conveyed through the work, and how to verbalize intentions.

Yeah, I'm a terrible person, I never post.
Here are some drawings, etc. as of late.
I've been doing lots of work, and have lots to show off,
So much is going on and happening and changing, I will make one enormously large post filling you guys in
that or just look forward to my memoir, hah
anyways, new shit, I swear I'll post more
so stay tuned